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We’re very pleased to be the insurance partner of your association. As a member of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association, you can count on us for comprehensive coverage, competitive pricing, and responsive customer service.

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Federated Insurance is the leading specialized insurance provider and direct writer of commercial insurance in Canada.
Through our unique direct approach, we provide insurance and risk management services for over 10,000 businesses and 50 associations across Canada.

In addition to meeting your property and casualty needs, we also offer:

Group Benefits
Life Insurance
Disability Insurance
Critical Illness Insurance

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Tip #1

Protective gloves come in many different types designed to deal with various hazards. Chemical protective gloves are available to provide protection against exposure to a variety of chemicals. There are also protective gloves designed to protect against abrasion, cuts and punctures. Others can protect against extreme heat and cold.

Tip #2

Tens of millions of dollars’ worth of equipment and tools are stolen each year in Canada. Having a current inventory and detailed records of all equipment (and tools) used on project sites, is an instrumental element to recovery and management.

Tip #3

A little attention to basic housekeeping can help avoid the very dangerous accidents of trip and falls with power tools and fires from sawdust ignition or improperly stored fuels and other combustibles. Keep the work areas clear of obstacles, clean up any spills or waste, and ensure the safe storage of inflammable materials and liquids.

Tip #4

All excavation, trenching or underground construction activities have the potential to damage utilities. The contractor, working with the owners of the underground installations, must identify the utilities, locate them, and determine the potential hazards and method of controlling them.

Tip #5

Safety footwear comes in various types designed to protect against a range of workplace hazards. Impact and crush resistance – the familiar “steel toe” or hard cap – can be one of the key requirements, along with puncture resistance for the sole and sides of the footwear. Other safety features may include protection against electrical contact, slip resistance, ankle protection and, for certain types of specialized foot protection, even cut resistance.

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Added Products and Services

We offer a number of products and services to enhance your current coverage.

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Risk Services

Let us help you prevent claims from happening in the first place.

We’ve developed exclusive programs and services to help you enhance workplace and employee safety – a must for builders.  Our services will:

  • Help you put together a disaster recovery plan to get you back on your feet
  • Give you access to our experienced Risk Services specialists whenever you have a question about preventing risk or loss
  • Provide you and your employees with valuable advice

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